Personal Insolvency

The team at Pattersons advise on all aspects of personal insolvency whether it be options available to you if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Providing you with practical advice and solutions

Alternatively, the action you may be able to take if you are owed money by a debtor. We advise individuals as well as Insolvency Practitioners from the pre-petition stage of bankruptcy up to closing of the same.

An insolvent situation will very often require advice across multiple specialisms, particularly when physical assets such as property are involved. A bankrupt’s estate often includes an interest in a jointly owned family home which the trustee in bankruptcy has a duty to realise for the benefit of creditors. Uncertainty around what will happen to the same can cause increased anxiety to an already stressful situation.

If you or a family member are considering or facing bankruptcy, advice should be sought as soon as possible on the process and the role and duties of the trustee in bankruptcy. Pattersons are able to guide you through the same and provide you with practical advice and solutions on any claims you may be faced with by a trustee in bankruptcy.